SLEEVEY WONDERS AT NEW YORK FASHION WEEK 2012: La Carmina at the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference; Launch Party Sponsor; SW on the Daily Beast!

We at Sleevey Wonders are proud to have been involved with February’s New York Fashion Week! NY Fashion Week is a prestigious fashion industry event where designers unveil their new collections, and people at all levels of the industry network at conferences and glamorous parties.


Did we have a runway show?  Well…not quite yet!


However, Sleevey Wonders adorned the lovely arms of the extraordinarily successful fashion blogger La Carmina as she spoke on a panel at the Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference, giving advice about how to make it as a professional fashion blogger.  We also were chosen to be a sponsor of’s launch party.


La Carmina (above) wore our Basic 3/4 Length Black Lace Sleevey Wonders! She had this to say about them:


“I’m in love with my lace sleeves, a gift from Sleevey Wonders. Since I dislike wearing heavy blouses under sleeveless dresses […], these garments are an elegant solution. Made with 4-way stretch fabric, they transform the same dress into a completely different look (a clever way to expand your wardrobe). And the design is slimming: no Photoshop!”


La Carmina is a specimen of a rare species: a blogger who actually makes a living at it. Moreover, she’s considered one of the most influential in the world: she was one of 40 fashion bloggers, honored as the 40 most influential in the world, who were flown to LuisaViaRoma’s Firenze4Ever (Italy’s Fashion Week) in both 2011 & 2012.


See how Sleevey Wonders look in movement, & listen to La Carmina’s inspiring story about how her fashion blogging led to a career:



Via La Carmina, Sleevey Wonders even made an appearance on the famous internet news site The Daily Beast, when a photograph of La Carmina was featured in their article covering the IFB Conference!


We loved La Carmina’s outfit, and how she paired a patterned dress with the Black Lace Sleeveys. Even if your own style is more subdued, you can experiment with combining patterns! Try out your Lace Sleeveys with some of your patterned clothes—you’d be surprised what works!


The photo below is from the Melimoda launch party—there we are on the red carpet background, listed as a sponsor!



We gave Melimoda our brochures and coupons to include in their gift bags for guests. is a new fashion social networking site for clothing brands, designers, buyers, and fashion lovers to connect with each other. We (Jenny and Ruthann) have both signed up and think that it’s very promising; it can only be a good thing to break down the barriers between high fashion designers and their customers.


In the photo below, you can get a good close-up look at the texture of the Basic 3/4 Length Black Lace Sleevey Wonders:



    To read La Carmina’s post about the IFB Conference and Sleevey Wonders, click here!



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