About This Blog:

We not only want to help you beautify your arms and expand your wardrobe with Sleevey Wonders, we want to help you beautify your life and expand your horizons with this blog. So while some of the content of this blog will be about Sleevey Wonders (news and announcements, exclusive sales for our readers, photo sets of outfits we’ve created from our own wardrobes based around a pair of Sleevey Wonders, other styling suggestions, etc), our scope will be broader than that.


Each of us at Sleevey Wonders will share our own tips and tricks with you, from our own areas of expertise: Ruthann is amazingly good at integrating creativity into all areas of life–you should see the recipes she makes up! Jenny E. is a seasoned online clothing shopper who never knows how to answer when people ask her where she shops, because she buys clothes from so many different places. She’ll teach you her search techniques and how she gets beautiful, well-made clothing (sometimes designer) very cheaply.


We want to share with you everything that we know about how to make life more beautiful, more fun, more creative. And we’d love for you to share all of those things with us, too!


About Sleevey Wonders:

Sleevey Wonders are reversible slip-on sleeves made to wear UNDER all your sleeveless & strapless tops and dresses, magically transforming your outfit into something NEW!

“Reversible” means that Sleevey Wonders can be worn with either the high or low-necked side in front, as shown here:

Sleevey Wonders are Reversible!

Sleevey Wonders have no shoulder seams, so they actually look like part of your garment!


What Sleevey Wonders Can Do For You!

• Looks great under everything – from the most casual tops to the fanciest dresses

• Four-way stretch gently hugs & slims your arms, & looks like they’re part of your top or dress

• To show less cleavage, reverse your Sleevey Wonders & have instant coverage

• Great for when you can’t be sleeveless at work, place of worship, etc

• Extends your wardrobe into more seasons

• Expands your travel wardrobe without bulky packing

• Turns old outfits into something new



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